Interview with Samuele Bertò

Interview with Samuele Bertò

CMP Trail Team

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Hi Samuele, when and why did you start running? What kind of distance and difference in height do you prefer?


I started running when I was 8/9 years, then I quit from 14 to 20 years old. At the age of 21 I discovered ski mountaineering, and to keep myself fit during the summer season I start again to run. The distances I prefer are 20/30 km, where you have to give the maximum for “short” time and where the rhythms are very high both uphill and downhill.

How and where do you train?


I train around my country: Spormaggiore, in the territory of the Brenta Dolomites, but as soon as I find time I like exploring different places outside my usual training ground. On how I train we should talk about it, I try to follow a specific program but I struggle. I cannot always train regularly because of work commitments.

How do you choose the races to be scheduled in a season and how do you look after your nutrition and supplements in competitions of this kind?

No calendar, I subscribe to the most inspiring races, always trying not to do more than 2 per month. For nutrition during the race I use only gels and I drink hidrosaline solutions, I usually find the rest at the refreshment areas.

Is there a victory or a placing that you carry in your heart?


BrentaTrail 2017 5th place on the 65km distance, I never thought I could do such a great result on this distance. Having never experienced long distances, this placement was a big surprise for me.

We often talk about psychological management in endurance. Have you tried the so-called “crises” too? If so, how did you react and manage the situation? Do you have an anecdote about it?


I have tried many crisis, I often suffer from cramps especially when I pass the 25/30 km threshold. The only remedy I have found so far is to put the head down, turn off the brain and swing for the fences. The sooner you arrive to the end the shorter is the agony.

Do you have a big dream?


My big dream is to be able to play with the Big of the SkyRace. In the meantime I have already realized one dream: find a company that believes in my potential, now the only thing I have to do is to express them at best

Three good reasons to participate at the CMP Trail in Bassano del Grappa?


Excellent organization (very good volunteers on the route), beautiful lively route, fantastic start and finish line location, in particular it is moving to arrive inside the house with people cheering … really exciting! The delicious pasta at the end! There are all the conditions to be there again this year!


Samuele Bertò  –  23 Maggio 2018