Interview with Raül Rota

Interview with Raül Rota

CMP Trail Team

Raul Rota - CMP Trail

Hi Raul, when and why did you begin to run?And which distances do you prefer?


I began to run because my parents were marathon runners and I have been involved for all my life in races and in the running world. I started running for 5 to 10 km on the road and today my speciality is doing 21 km in mountain, but I compete better and better in the 42 km marathon.

How and where do you train?


I have a runners group named “Rarunning” and sometimes we train together. I am a trainer too, I have a special philosophy of training and I steadily believe in it.

How important is sport activity for your lifestyle?


I studied INEF (studies of Physical Education) and now I work in a primary school teaching Physical Education. I work in a gym too, doing personal training, spinning, fitness gym and so on.

What are your race results in the last six months?


4° place in 21km Vall del Congost. Catalunya,

2° place  in 12km Roc Gros. Catalunya,

3° place in 21km Trail Costa Brava. Catalunya

1° place Pirines championship canicros (4 days races)

2° place in Batega el Bac. (29km). Catalunya

4° place in Marathon 42km Trail Cap de Creus. Catalunya.

15° place in Marathon 42km Zumaia. Pais Basque. Espanya Championship.

In your opinion, what are the main differences between trail running races in Spain and in Italy?


For me the difference between a Spanish race and an Italian one is not the country but the race quality. For example, in CMP Trail Bassano all runners were treated better than good, the race is very well organized and the services connected to it are very very important for us.


A dream that you would like to realize?

My goal for the year 2018/2019 is to return to Italy to participate another time in the CMP Trail in Bassano del Grappa and I would like to participate also in one or two races in the world Championship, like Zegama for example.

CMP Trail 2018: Will we see you on the start line?

This year will be special for me because one month before the race I will get married and I will stay a month between Nepal and Thailand. My physical condition probably will be worse than last year, but I need to return and fight to hold on to the podium. This year there will be also my wife who will run the 16km of the CMP Trail!


Raül Rota – 12 Luglio 2018