Interview with Patricia Puklova

Interview with Patricia Puklova

CMP Trail Team

Patricia Puklova - CMP Trail

Hi Patricia, when and why did you begin to run? And which distances do you prefer?


I began to run during my University studies. The Faculty of Medicine was physically exhausting and I needed some relax, so after few years I started training systematically with my husband. I am a versatile runner. I prefer long distances, usually I run from 5 km till a half marathon, and two or three times per year I run more than 40 km. I compete also in shorter distances in the Czech Athletic League (1500 m, 4×400 m, 3 km).

How and where do you train?


I train almost everywhere 🙂 I try to manage my life between job, training sessions and family. I usually run to my shift at half past five am and I do also a special training two or three times per week, in the late afternoon.

How important is your sport activity for your life style? 


Sport? For me it is essential. I can’t live without doing some physical activity, by now it has become part of my life.

How do you choose in which races compete?


I have some favourite competitions and I try to enjoy them every year. I love competing in the High Tatras, between the mountains where I grow up. I travel very often to Slovakia to visit my family and I always try to participate in any local races. Now I live in Brno, the second biggest city of Czech Republic, so every weekend we have races nearby.

This 17th of June you improved your last year’s victory time and mainteined the crown as “Queen of Tatry running Tour”! Did you expect it?


If I may say so myself, yes of course! I’ve been training very hard for this!

What are your race results in the last 6 months and what are your goals for the coming future?

Winter season results:


1° place Winter running cup a Brno (10 race- in distance 5 km from November till April)

1° place Winter running serie nell’High Tatras (4 races)

1° place City trail nell’High Tatras 16 km

1° place Tatry Running tour ( 3 days etap race)

1° place Nomenrun (88 km – 4 woman’s)

2° posto run in Mikulčice and PB 38:31

3° place in Half marathon Pardubice, Czech republic

In the end of July I going to run Grossglocker utratrail.

I would like to win Prestige tour in High Tatras and be the Queen of High Tatras. The biggest goal is attestation in anesthesiology and intensive medicine in spring 2019.

On each podium we see you with your child! Is he your first fan and how does he support you?



He is definitely my youngest fan and I love his chant “mummy run faster”. My husband and my son are my biggest support.

In your opinion, what are the main differences between trail running races in Slovakia and in Italy?


In Italy you have different types of landscapes: from vineyards to olive trees, meadows and rocks. Instead, High Tatras have a kind of mono-rocks landscape and there is a colder climate too. But, after the race, I prefer eating your pasta, also more than goulash 🙂

A dream that you would like to realize?


Actually I don’t have big dreams, I am happy here and now, but I love facing new challenges!


CMP Trail 2018: Will we see you on the start line?


Of course you’ll see me there!


Patricia Puklova – 09 Luglio 2018