Interview with Enzo Romeri

Interview with Enzo Romeri

CMP Trail Team

Romeri - CMP Trail

Hi Enzo, when and why did you start running? What kind of distance and difference in height do you prefer?


I started running in June 2015 to try to become fit again (I had arrived to weigh 89kg after I have stopped practising cycling at competitive level in 2011).
I started with medium distance rides, then I was intrigued by the idea of trying more and more distant distances with greater differences in height … and so I focused on trails from 45/50/60km with variable differences in height 2,500/3,500 but sometimes I like doing some uphill races.

How and where do you train?


I train when I feel I want to do a nice ride, with some good acceleration and, if one night is not the right moment, I turn back and I go home. With romerithis I do not want to say that those who do “schedules” are not right. Indeed, they certainly have more discipline. I feel that a more rigid training regime would make me live this passion as a duty.
I train around my country, in Fai della Paganella. Practically I leave the house and I have to choose only where to go: I consider myself lucky to live in a mountain village!

Athlete, but not only … you are a family man and councillor of the Municipality of Fai della Paganella with special delegation for Sport! How important is sport activity for you in yours daily routine?


I am convinced that physical activity is good and helps people both in the body and in the mind. I try to convey the sporting values to my little baby too, in particular I think that with effort and sacrifice you can obtain everything .. and not just in sport!

Within a couple of years of racing in the trail world you have turned to be from the emerging outsider to the favorite on several races. What do you think about it? Is your way to face the races changed?


I started my adventure on the Trail with a carefree spirit, together with my friends Christian and Yanez. One evening I receive a message from them asking me if I had the guts to subscribe for a 60km race with 3500D+. My answer? I forwarded the photo of the registration! This was the Trentino Garda trail 2016.
Today the spirit with which I face the races has not changed: it remains the usual lightness, the desire to have fun, work hard and smile. What has changed is just the expectation of others.

How do you choose the races to be scheduled in a season?


Honestly I choose the races a little by what I feel, according to the place, the territory, people and of course the type of race and the season.

Is there a victory or a placing that you carry in your heart?


There is something about every race and every place I take with me, but the first win in the trail definitely has a special flavour! Then there are the races where you want to do better, and if the result arrives then there is the joy and satisfaction of having done well!

We often talk about psychological management in endurance. Have you tried the so-called “crises” too? If so, how did you react and manage the situation? Do you have an anecdote about it?


I particularly remember a race in which I experienced these feelings: it was my second Trail, a race of 65km 3800D+ and I had started very fast. After 45/50 km arrived my first “crisis” and I did not know how to behave. I started to walk, eat, drink, I rested on a bench too, but never with the thought of giving up and from there slowly I arrived to the finish line! (with a lot of effort).

Do you have a big dream?


Sportively speaking I could say I’m happy with what I’ve collected so far, but I already know that I will never settle for it, so …

Three good reasons to participate at the CMP Trail in Bassano del Grappa?


The CMP Trail is truly an “original” race, with a very fast first section with spectacular ups and downs, then off to climb on the two peaks passing through very characteristic and singular places. The event presents itself as a big event and in fact it is. Just look at the numerous prizes, the Goody Bag, the sponsors … and then when you arrive at Villa Angarano you will find a real “party” dedicated to everyone, from discipline lovers to children.
The three reasons? The originality of the varied and very suggestive route, the variety of distances with the three races and the mini trail (which makes it an event for the whole family) and … well the final beer that can never be missed!


Enzo Romeri  –  15 Maggio 2018