Run with CMP


Run With CMP” is a new project promoted by F.lli Campagnolo. The company awards a technical sponsorship to the first three male and female athletes in the CMP Trail LONG placings who run wearing a CMP garment or scarf. The award will be given only to athletes who do not have an ongoing sponsorship contract with other brands and who are not professional athletes on the day of the Trail. Should one of these conditions exist, the award will move to the next athlete on the placings list and so on down to the tenth place. The one-year sponsorship contract includes a supply of CMP trail running material and payment of the entry fees for various events over the following year.


In this way, last year the first CMP Trail Team was formed. Today it has four members: Enzo Romeri, Marco Menegardi, Luciano Meneghel and Francesca Dal Bosco are the CMP Trail Team’s first athletes. CMP awarded a one-year sponsorship contract to the top placings for the most challenging run (42 km / +EG 2000 m) who crossed the CMP Trail finish line while wearing at least one item of CMP clothing or footwear.


In the 2017 edition, new faces have joined the Team, which were added to the first team. These are: Raül Rota, Patricia Puklova, Chiara Bertino and Samuele Bertò. Read their stories clicking on the pictures below!


CMP Trail team are already getting ready for the next CMP Trail. Want to be a CMP Trail Team athlete? Don’t wait, sign up now at


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