Follow the race with TRACTALIS!

Follow the race with TRACTALIS!

This year it will be possible to follow the race thanks to TRACTALIS, a technology with the dual function of tracing the path to all the athletes in the race and at the same time allowing all those who want to follow the race to monitor the progress of the athletes. Below you will find all the information for use:


Each participant must download the Free APP for tracking from the following links to their mobile phone: · Android: com.tracking.tracking & hl = de_CH · iOS: few days before the competition, each participant will receive their personal key via email. Once the application is launched and the own key, the name and the event will appear in the “Setup” screen and the participant will see their data (if they are not correct contact the organization). Afterwards, each participant will have to press “PLAY” or “Start tracking” when located on the starting line.Then each participant has to load their mobile phone, download the app, enter their key, press PLAY at the start and STOP after the finish line … that’s it


TO follow the race use the link ht tps: // on the WEB or download the TRACTALIS EVENTS FREE APP for both Android and iOS.