Marco Olmo

I was aware of the CMP brand as I’d bought some of their clothes, but when I arrived at Villa Angarano, I was amazed by how impeccably organised it all was. I thought to myself, “These kids aren’t playing around!” I call them kids because they are all half my age.
I participated in the CMP TRAIL as a guest since Dryarn, which was already my sponsor​,​ was also an event partner.
I decided to run the 16-km Short trail. Now I avoid long distances—reluctantly so because that is what I have always really preferred. Unfortunately, I’m getting on in years as well, and so I decided to “reinvent myself” in short distances.
The route is easy-going the way I like it, with a technical section after the first refreshment station. Then there are a few metres downhill that are a little more difficult, though it’s still a route suited to trail running novices. After that, you run along the banks of the legendary Brenta River where many hikers come out to root us on. Then there are a few curves in the streets of the city, and then we reach the historic Ponte degli Alpini bridge, and there are other historic places that I remember seeing along the way. That passage reminds me of the excitement of crossing Petra, ancient city of the Nabataeans, during the Desert Cup in Jordan, and the excitement of many other races. But there is even greater enthusiasm here because we are in our own country. After crossing the bridge, the route continues on the right banks of the Brenta and many spectators clap and root us on as we head toward the nearby finish line at the Villa. Here the organisers created a “base camp” for the event, and there were a great number of refreshments at the end along with fully equipped showers and entertainment. All in all, it was perfect despite it being CMP’s debut in the trail area. Even the meal offered was just perfect for a vegetarian like myself. Then there was a big surprise. Though my birthday had been the day before, they had a wonderful enormous cake for me to share with the other participants.
This year, the CMP TRAIL takes place on 8 October, and it will be a unique way for me to celebrate my 69th birthday!
I look forward to seeing you there!

Marco Olmo
An ultramarathoner and winner of the Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc, he has been in the winner’s circle at the Marathon Des Sables a number of times and is a brand ambassador for CMP.


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