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On Sunday, 8 October 2017, CMP 4SPORT A.S.D. will hold the 2nd CMP Trail Bassano. This is a semi-self-sufficient trail run mainly through hilly country.
The organisers are assisted by local associations and volunteers.


By entering the CMP Trail Bassano you automatically agree to abide by all the rules, without reserve. Each runner agrees to comply with these rules and discharges the organisers from any civil or criminal liability for any incident or accident whatsoever, for personal injuries or property damage, caused to or by the runner, which may occur during the event named CMP Trail Bassano, which will take place in accordance with these rules and any amendments thereof, and with the notices which shall be published on the website. The full rules are available on our website

The TRAIL world brings together people who love sport and above all respect Nature and other people. By entering the CMP Trail Bassano you agree to race in accordance with the worldwide trailers’ code of ethics. This means:
- you do not throw away any rubbish that could harm the environment;
- you behave fairly: no trickery or cheating before or during the run;
- respecting the other trailers by trying to help fellow runners who need help;
- respecting the job of the volunteers who, like you, take part for the pleasure of being there.


The event comprises three different routes that were planned and designed for different categories of athletes:
A long, 43 km route called CMP TRAIL - LONG which has all the characteristics of a true semi-self-sufficient trail, with a positive elevation gain of 2000 m. This is a real challenge, testing personal limits, because the race is run over hill paths and mule tracks, some of which are rarely used, through the dense woods of Pove, Bassano and Marostica, with stretches among the typical local vineyards and olive groves. You’ll long remember the rough, stony or muddy ground, steep climbs and descents amid puddles of spring water and demanding flights of steps. An opportunity to see a beautiful area, a competition that requires an appropriate fitness level and an ability to ration your strength and resources to be among those who finish the CMP Trail! This year the race is valid for all IUTA membership cardholders for the Grand Prix IUTA Italian championship. Rules and calendar at:
A short, 16.4 km trail route called CMP TRAIL - SHORT for beginners, amateurs and anyone who wants to try their hand at a competition requiring a fairly good fitness level and, above all, wants to take up a challenge in contact with nature. A very interesting route with lots of historical elements, beautiful landscapes and wonderful views. The trail follows unsurfaced tracks and roads on the eastern bank of the Brenta and rewards those who finish with a passage over the old Ponte degli Alpini in the centre of Bassano.
With an positive elevation gain of just over 500 m, the short trail is perfect for those who want to get to know the Trail world and enjoy the scenery and other attractions of Bassano and its surroundings. The 2nd CMP TRAIL – SHORT offers both competitive and non-competitive versions.
A very short, 7 km route, called YOUTH TRAIL, for boys and girls under 19 from lower- and higher-secondary schools from all over Italy. This route was created to promote Trail Running among young people. Therefore the organisers will award study grants to the schools with the highest number of entrants, plus study grants for the male and female winners of the following categories: RAGAZZI, CADETTI, ALLIEVI, JUNIORES.
- the routes:
LONG TRAIL: 43 km long, 2000 m positive elevation gain. This route features all kinds of landscapes in the municipalities of Bassano del Grappa, Pove del Grappa and Marostica.
- Starting time: 8.30 a.m.
- Start and Finish: Villa Angarano Bianchi Michiel, Bassano del Grappa
– Meeting place: Villa Angarano Bianchi Michiel, Bassano del Grappa.
SHORT TRAIL: 16.4 km long, 520 m positive elevation gain. This route goes over woodland paths, mule tracks and unsurfaced and surfaced farm roads through the municipalities of Bassano del Grappa and Pove del Grappa.
- Starting time: 9.15 a.m. (competitive and non-competitive).
- Start and Finish: Villa Angarano Bianchi Michiel, Bassano del Grappa
– Meeting place: Villa Angarano Bianchi Michiel, Bassano del Grappa.
YOUTH TRAIL: 7 km long, 200 m positive elevation gain. This route is through the vineyards and olive groves on the hills around Bassano del Grappa.
- Starting time: 11 a.m.
- Start and Finish: Villa Angarano Bianchi Michiel, Bassano del Grappa
– Meeting place: Villa Angarano Bianchi Michiel, Bassano del Grappa
Please note: starting times may vary in order to guarantee that the event proceeds smoothly


Detailed routes will be made available to all entrants. The documentation can be consulted at


Entry applications can only be submitted online via the tds-enternow portal
A) Requirements
CMP TRAIL LONG (500 BIBS AVAILABLE) is open to male and female athletes over 18 years of age and with a medical certificate of fitness for competitive sport valid until minimum 8 October 2017. Entrants must also have signed the release form.

COMPETITIVE: this event is open to male and female athletes over 18 years of age and with a medical certificate of fitness for competitive sport valid until minimum 8 October 2017. Entrants must also have signed the release form.
NON-COMPETITIVE: this event is open to male and female athletes over 18 years of age. Entrants are NOT REQUIRED to present a valid medical certificate of fitness for competitive sports, but they must sign the release form.

CMP TRAIL YOUTH is suitable for all athletes, boys and girls born in the years 1997/1998/1999/2000/2001/2002/2003/2004 who have handed in their sports club’s permission for them to take part, an entry form filled out by their school or a release form signed by a parent.

The YOUTH TRAIL is also open to all parents who want to run with their children. Their presence on the route will be authorised subject to their online entry application via the enternow portal. There will be no placing list for parents.
b) How to enter
The entry period opens on SATURDAY 14 APRIL 2017 AT 9 A.M. and closes on THURSDAY 5 OCTOBER 2017 AT NOON OR AS SOON AS RACE NUMBERS ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Entries can only be submitted ONLINE and are managed by the portal. At the time of submitting an entry or by the day before the event, each athlete must send the organisers a copy of a valid medical certificate of fitness for competitive sport if the event he/she has entered is a competitive run. A scanned copy of the certificate’s front page will suffice, but it must be authenticated.
Entries for the YOUTH TRAIL can be submitted up to the day of the event.
At the time of submitting an entry, the following information will be requested:

- First name
- Last name
- Place and date of birth
- Mobile phone number
- Emergency contact numbers (mobile and landline)
- Email address
- Street address
- Nationality
- Team membership

c) Entry fee
The organisers have set the following entry fees for the 2nd CMP Trail:
LONG: €39
YOUTH TRAIL: €5 per individual entry under 19 and per parent
YOUTH TRAIL: €2.50 for schools and sports clubs
The CMP Trail website, FB page and newsletter will announce any discounts or special offers, which will be available for a limited time.
Sign up for our newsletter on our website or follow us on Facebook to see our updates.
Entry fee payments must be made by the dates indicated. The athlete will not be included on the list of runners until the organisers receive the entry fee.
The SHORT TRAIL and LONG TRAIL entry fees include:
event pack, bib, refreshments along the route, post-finish refreshments, post-event meal voucher (PASTA PARTY), post-event massage, showers/changing room services, insurance.
By request, the organisers will provide a dormitory; details about requesting this service and the place (near the finish-line area) will be given in a dedicated future communication. The organisers will arrange special terms at participating hospitality facilities, which will be announced on the website.
c) Cancellation
The entry fee cannot be transferred to pay for the next year’s race. No refunds shall be given should the event be cancelled due to circumstances beyond the organisers’ control or if the event is suspended or cancelled because of bad weather or any other unforeseeable circumstances of any kind.


Entrants who take part in one of the competitive runs (competitive Short or Long) must be 18 or over on the day of the event and have a medical certificate of fitness for competitive sport. By applying to enter the event, each competitor takes responsibility for being in the appropriate physical and mental conditions for attempting this Trail run and is aware of the risks and difficulties of the route. Each participant runs at his/her own risk. Entries will not be accepted from athletes who are currently banned, for doping, from any sports discipline whatsoever.
Upon applying to enter the event and in order to conclude the application, the runner must sign a disclaimer/exclusion of liability. Runners must comply with the Highway Code while running. Runners must be very careful on unsurfaced roads, especially at crossroads and while crossing said roads, even when the roads are closed to traffic.


There will be a final ranking for the LONG and SHORT (competitive) runs, listing only the competitors who reach the finish line. There will be cash prizes (SEE PRIZE MONEY Prizes will go to the first five athletes in each category (men/women) of the competitive race. Prizes will be given only to the runners who attend the awards ceremony.


Race bibs and event packs will be distributed as follows:
Saturday 7 October 2017 from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Villa Angarano Bianchi Michiel, Bassano del Grappa - Via Contrà Corte S. Eusebio, 15.
Sunday 8 October 2017 from 6.30 a.m. to 7.45 a.m. at Villa Angarano Michiel, Bassano del Grappa – Via Contrà Corte S. Eusebio, 15.
The race bib will be handed over only after an identity document is shown. Those who have not registered their medical certificate on the ENTERNOW portal must hand it over when picking up their race bib. People running in the NON-COMPETITIVE SHORT are not obliged to present a medical certificate for competitive sport.


Each bib is issued to one individual and must be worn over clothes on the chest, over the stomach or around a thigh and it must be clearly visible throughout the run. Bib punching will start at 7 a.m. THE BIBS ARE FITTED WITH AN ELECTRONIC CHIP, WHICH MUST BE HANDED OVER AT THE FINISH. IF AN ATHLETE WITHDRAWS DURING THE RUN, HE/SHE MUST GIVE THEIR BIB, WITH THE CHIP, TO ONE OF THE VOLUNTEERS ALONG THE ROUTE.


Checkpoints along the route, where all competitors will be registered, will be at the refreshment stations (and at the time gates). There will also be other checkpoints established by the organisers, who may carry out checks anywhere along the route, without notice. Only competitors who were registered at all checkpoints will be ranked and awarded a prize. Competitors are therefore reminded to give their bib number, promptly and clearly, any time a member of staff along the route requests it. Punching at the finish line allows the timekeepers to establish the placings.


The fundamental principle of this event is food semi-self-sufficiency. There will be six refreshment stations (including the last one, in Villa) along the route; their locations will be announced at the briefing. The six refreshment points will be stocked with beverages and a few different foods. Therefore, runners must provide themselves with whatever they think they will need to get from one refreshment station to the next. All rubbish, drinking cups, gel, energy bars, etc. must be thrown into the waste bins at the refreshment points. Anyone seen throwing any kind of rubbish away outside said bins will be disqualified.


- enough water to be able to reach one refreshment point and the next
- shoes suitable for trail running
- a space blanket
- mobile phone: please store the following numbers on your phone: calls for assistance 3357277410 / organisers 3667773361
- a windproof jacket in case of bad weather
- a whistle
A time limit has been calculated to reach the finish 30 minutes before sunset. Runners with time barrier objectives should carry a head lamp.

- enough water to be able to reach one refreshment point and the next
- shoes suitable for trail running
- a space blanket (optional)
- mobile phone: please store the following numbers on your phone: calls for assistance 3357277410 / organisers 3667773361
- a windproof jacket in case of bad weather

Runners who do not carry all the mandatory safety equipment will be disqualified. Runners with only part of the required equipment will be penalised. The organisers will carry out sample equipment-checks at the start and during the run.


Bags can be left in a special area in the start and finish zones. Each athlete has to mark his/her own bag to be able to identify it. The organisers shall not be responsible for the bags in any way whatsoever: no claims will be accepted. It is highly recommended not to leave any valuables in the bag. The event pack includes a bag sticker.


Runners may only withdraw from the event at a refreshment point or, alternatively, wherever there is a member of the organising team, to whom the runner will hand over her/his race bib. Race Management must be promptly informed of the withdrawal. THIS INFO IS VITAL TO AVOID CALLING OUT RESCUE TEAMS FOR NO REASON.


If a competitor retires from the race somewhere along the route, he/she MUST go to the nearest refreshment point as soon as he/she can to say that he/she is retiring from the race.


There will be authorised volunteers deployed along the route to ensure safety and medical care. First-aid vehicles will also move along the route in the zones accessible to the organisers’ vehicles.
SUPPORT IS PROVIDED BY ASTRI TEAMS WHO RIDE TRIAL MOTORCYCLES AND ARE QUALIFIED TO PROVIDE FIRST-AID WITH BLS‑D (Basic Life Support-Defibrillation). THEIR PRESENCE OFFERS GREATER PROTECTION FOR ALL THE COMPETITORS. THEY WILL MOVE ALONG THE ROUTE WITHOUT HINDERING THE RACE. PLEASE CONSIDER THEIR PRESENCE AS AN INVALUABLE SAFETY AID. The volunteers are able to assist people who need help, using their own vehicle or via authorised agencies. Doctors on duty have the right to stop and disqualify any runner who is judged to be unable to continue the race; their decision is irrevocable. The runner’s bib will be taken. First-aiders are allowed to use their vehicles to evacuate any runner who is judged to be in danger.
Every athlete is obliged, on pain of disqualification, to help other competitors in difficulty and advise the organisers’ staff of situations where first-aid or assistance is needed. Any competitor who asks for a doctor’s or first-aider’s assistance will accept their authority and agrees to abide by their decisions. Any treatments, and the form thereof, will be the decision of the medical staff. By calling the emergency number (given to all competitors) the runner automatically submits to the doctor/first-aider’s authority and will comply by their decisions.


Competitors may avail themselves of a personal assistant positioned along the route.


Along the way, the organisers can check a runner’s mandatory equipment and that he/she abides by the rules. Any breaches of the rules discovered by the organisers or reported by other competitors (in the latter case, photographic or video proof is required) will be assessed by the event jury, which may disqualify the runner. This is an unappealable decision. The jury may disqualify a runner for any grave breach of the rules, especially:
- switching race bibs
- failing to pass a checkpoint
- cutting across or shortening the race route
- lack of part or all the mandatory survival equipment
- use of a means of transport
- failing to help another runner in difficulty
- throwing away one’s equipment along the route
- polluting or harming the environment by throwing away rubbish along the route
- insulting, being rude to or threatening members of the organising team or volunteers
- refusing to be examined by one of the organising team doctors at any time during the race
- physical/mental state judged unfit for continuing the event


Complaints will be taken into consideration only if lodged in writing within 30 minutes before the organisers post the temporary placings and only if a sum of €50 is paid; this sum is refunded only if the complaint is allowed. The jury is tasked with giving an answer to allow or refuse the complaint.


The organisers reserve the right to change the route (shortening it or even extending it) or the location of refreshment stations, at any time. Any changes will be promptly announced on the spot or via the web (in the news and/or route sections) in order to protect the runners and volunteers and for the safe progress of the race. In the event of very bad weather (thick fog, violent storms, high winds) which could put the competitors at risk, the start of the race may be postponed or cancelled, the route may be changed or shortened, or the race may be stopped at any point along the route. Should the event be stopped, the final placings will be based on the last check made during the race. Competitors will not be entitled to an entry fee refund if the race is stopped. All decisions will be made by the jury and by all competent persons appointed by those in charge of the Organising Committee.


The organisers take out civil liability insurance for the duration of the event. However, competitors assume full responsibility for themselves and by entering the run they waive any recourse against the organisers in the event for any damage or other consequences which may occur to them as a result of the race.


Each competitor specifically waives his/her image rights during the Trail, and waives the right to make any claims against the organisers and their official partners concerning the use of her/his image. By entering the Trail, competitors authorise the organisers to use – free of charge and with no time or territorial limits – photographs, videos and recordings deriving from his/her participation in CMP Trail Bassano for any legitimate purpose, including publicity. Furthermore, by entering the Trail every competitor authorises the organisers to process his/her personal data in accordance with the Italian Data Protection Act 196/2003 “Protection of individuals and other subjects with regard to the processing of personal data”.


The voluntary entry and participation in CMP Trail Bassano indicate full acceptance of these rules and any amendments thereof. By entering and taking part in CMP Trail Bassano, each participant states that: he/she is aware of and accepts these rules and any amendments thereof and relieves the organisers of any civil or criminal responsibility whatsoever connected with any damages to persons and/or property caused by and/or originating from him/her before, during or after the event.

Please check the website for updates.