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Masters since 1977 produces quality poles for any sport that requires its use: alpine ski, cross-country ski, trekking and hiking, walking and trail running, nordic walking. Our main sponsors are our customers themselves because our prerogative is to be as close as possible to them, alongside their passions, between road paths and high peaks.







Innovation and cutting-edge processing want and must be the key words to look to the future, starting from a solid base, tradition. Each product is subjected to qualitative tests and is assembled manually for a final result of unique quality.





To meet the needs of our customers we focus on extremely resistant and high quality punte Copiamaterials. The continuous innovation and the numerous researches to which we submit our product lines allow us to select the perfect ingredients every year for ever more performing products.







Go beyond the limit. It is the desire of our collaborators, our customers, but above all it’s our purpose. We try to never stop and challenge ourselves to propose more and more something unique and innovative, a product increasingly tailored to adventure.






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The Masters products, are designed for the different needs of athletes of different disciplines and are available in many models and colors. To discover more about our catalog and the Masters poles we invite you to consult our website: