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CMP is the result of a story which began over 50 years ago, the story of the Campagnolo family, whose passion and dedication has enabled them to keep working, creating a company that is a leader in textiles and apparel. Today the F.lli Campagnolo Group is known for its great manufacturing tradition, research and technological innovation, qualities that find their best expression with CMP, the brand dedicated to the sportswear world and which make it one of the industry leaders.

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Love for nature, outdoor life and our work have always been values that distinguish us. We produce high-performance garments suitable for all climates so that you can enjoy all activities and moments of your day: from skiing and outdoor, to dynamic city life. Nothing will keep you warmer than our natural down jackets, protect you like our Softshells, or offer you all the comfort and softness of our Fleece. The CMP collections offer endless colour combinations that not only ensure that all our garments can be combined together, but also mean you can always find the right one that matches better with your own personality.

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In 2015 the first CMP trail running collection was born, which combines the company's know-how in the outdoor world with a colorful and charming style. The result is a collection made of light, performing and breathable fabrics, technical contents and bright colors to make the garments of this line the perfect companions for your activities.

Time For is the idea that represents us: we take all the time to do what we love the most.Alone or with friends, in the effort of the hard training as live our passion, discover new emotions, dream new adventures and new challenges. There is no more precious time than that we dedicate to ourselves. CMP wants to be with everyone, minute by minute, with its products. We dedicate all our time to making yours richer.

We take care of you in every moment. The entire production chain is controlled: from the suppliers choice for raw materials that follow precise behaviour codes, guaranteeing quality and safety, to the production process step by step, up to the finished product. For over 20 years, for the pile of our production, we have obtained the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certification, which guarantees the absence of toxic substances for humans and harmful to the environment according to restrictive guidelines of quality and safety.

 Welcome to our world: where love for nature and healthy life blend with style and color to create garments with cutting-edge technological content.


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