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NON-COMPETITIVE AND COMPETITIVE RACE - even the non-competitive one has a timing service managed by TDS.

3rd edition 7 October 2018

Length: 18 km

Elevation gain: 750 m+

Start: Villa Angarano Bianchi Michiel

Finish: Villa Angarano Bianchi Michiel

Refreshments: 2 refreshments + 1 at the Villa

Maximum time: 5 hours

Bassano del Grappa (VI) - Contrà Corte Sant'Eusebio 15 Veneto – Italia

Points of interest: Gemma Oasis, Contrà Soarda, Falls of Silan, Tagliafuoco.

The 2018 CMP SHORT trail is all new!

The big novelty is the passage through the valley formed by the river Silan, which forms waterfalls and waterholes due to its shape, cutting the last south-eastern offshoots of the Plateau of the Sette Comuni! An opportunity to discover ancient mulattiere (rural roads to move pack animals) close to the centre of Bassano del Grappa.
It is slightly longer compared to previous editions, with 18.2 km and 753 m of elevation gain. After the start and the characteristic route through the vineyards of Villa Angarano Bianchi Michiel, you cross Strada Campesana and climb towards the ancient church of Sant'Eusebio. From here you continue to climb towards Castellaro, where the wide road narrows into a single track. The path widens again in the following downhill section among the vineyards of San Giorgio, until the arrival at the Gemma Oasis. Once you cross this peaceful naturalistic Oasis among pools of spring water and delicate blooms, you head to Contrà Soarda, where today stands the winery of the same name whose agricultural land is home to more than 60 thousand vines and 1000 olive trees. You will have the opportunity to refresh on the hill with a 360-degree view over the surrounding landscape before heading to San Michele, which will take you inside the Valley formed by the Silan river, one of the most charming points of this new route. The name comes from the Cimbrian "Silaha", which with the suffix "an" means "place where the waters flow". The meeting with the stream, its voice, and the gorge environment lush of ferns and mosses will inebriate you. An easy fording on aligned stones leads to the via Armentaria, an ancient cobbled path, a road for the transhumance of herds flanked by cobbled canals so that the rains and the resurgence water would not damage the stability of the track. You climb to the first hairpin and here, with a short detour, you descend to reach the Silan Falls under which you cross the stream by jumping from one stone to another. Immersed in absolute greenery, the passage on the calcareous boulders will refresh you, and if the rains will have been recent, the roaring will be impetuous and the leaps of the Silan as well! Leaving the Falls behind, you reach the first real climb, the "saliso", which passes a brick arch bridge. The construction crosses a chasm known to geologists as early as the eighteenth century, which is flanked by two perpendicular stone walls filled with fragments of fossils descending parallel. Once crossed, you also might experience the feeling of emptiness generated by the chasm! The mulattiera proceeds through a centuries-old chestnut grove with gnarled trunks carved by nature; at the next fork, you turn left towards Valrovina, noting a spring that drips on the rocks covered with elegant Capelvenere (maidenhair fern); the arrival in the village of Valrovina is near and signalled by the presence of a playground and refreshment area; you pass the cemetery and then up again to Caluga through the path of "Castagnile". In Caluga you cover perhaps the hardest 100 metres of the entire trail that lead to the entrance of the "Tagliafuoco" of the Alta Via del Tabacco, which you cover northward for 3.5 km until you cross CAI path 763. The latter will bring you down a nosedive from the highest point until the Brenta: 500 m of height difference in about 3 km to descend at full speed for the more experienced and with extra care on the supports and jumps for the newbies! Another flat 3 km along the Brenta, which will accompany you on your left, with a view of Ponte Vecchio in the distance, until the well-deserved arrival at the Villa!

The trail manager - Nicola Marangon

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