Il pacco gara del CMP Trail 2017!

Last year, we offered a wonderful and fully stocked event pack that was truly unique. All participants received the breathable CMP shirt as well as products offered by our event sponsors. Those who signed up for the LONG Trail also got the CMP hiking backpack. This year, we hope to amaze participants once again with a whole new event pack full of exciting new items!

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Those doing the CMP Long Trail will once again get a backpack! This waterproof backpack in soft-shell material includes a pocket on

the front and can hold up to 18 litres. There is also a pocket on the side to hold a water bottle as well as a padded mesh back and an integrated safety whistle. It is perfect for the mountains or the city.



The real surprise, however, comes inside the backpack, where we’ve included the exclusive CMP First Aid Kit (also included in the event pack for the 16.4-km Short Trail!). This is a practical tool for all of those participating on the trails as well as something that comes in handy for everyday use. Featuring a sporty design, this kit contains everything one might 170427-151229 CMP 1500x1500-minneed to take on the risks of a trail run or an excursion in the mountains. It is not just a practical kit for the trail runs—it also has all of the necessary tools and items for the most important events, and it means you won’t be caught unprepared in the event the judges want to check your equipment.



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The kit includes:
- a First Aid Guide
- paper tape
- an elastic bandage
- a thermal blanket for emergencies
- a whistle
- gauze
- PVC gloves
- an LED headlamp

The event kit will also include products offered by our event sponsors… follow our updates on our Facebook page as well!